River Glade Speedway


The Demolition:

  1. Car may not be braced in any way, NO ADDED WEIGHTS.
  2. No trailer hitches or parts of trailer hitches, NO TRUCKS.
  3. Fuel Tanks may be in original position or can be moved to trunk area.  Fuel tanks in trunk area must be securely fastened and be proper tank not a five gallon can.  Fuel tanks can NOT be in the cab with the driver.

  4. Badly rusted unibody cars should not be used.
  5. Seat belts must be in good working order and must be used.
  6. All glass except windshield must be removed.  Door windows must be removed intact not broken and left inside of door.
  7. All cars must have legible number painted on door.
  8. No anti-freeze...use water only.  Radiator must be in stock location.

At The Track:

  1. No hits may be made on the drivers door.  This will be grounds for disqualification from the event (signaled  by a black flag from the flagman).  A legal hit must be made at least every 60 seconds.....any car "sitting out" for more than 60 seconds is "out".
  2. Cars must take part in one other event to qualify for main demolition derby.  e.g. back up race or bump to pass race.   $1000.00 to win Derby!
  3. Cars may have a "theme" painted on them.  No foul language (promote fan support and excitement...have some fun with it!!! "The jaws of...", "Flower Power..." "Good Ole..."
  4. Orderly conduct and reasonable driving must be used in pit area.  No alcoholic beverages to be in pit area.
  5. Drivers MUST register name, address, phone number, car # and EVERYONE MUST SIGN a Waiver and release to enter the pit area.  NO children under 14 can be admitted to the pit area.
  6. Driver and Demolition Car will be admitted free.

Next Demolition: Sunday July 10th, 2PM                                 

For information contact: Herman Berry: 1-506-387-8886 email: Herman