River Glade Speedway

2006 Sportsman Rules


New for 2006

Scanners are  Mandatory 
Fabricated Rear Trailing Arms Allowed - Stock Length, Non-Adjustable, Stock Bushings
Spindle Savers Are Allowed
Overflow Hose from Overflow Can Must Be Mounted On Right Side of Windshield
Wheel Base Must Be Within 1" Side to Side
Shock Must Be Mounted on Outside Of Control Arm
Center of Crank Must Be a Minimum of 12.5" From The Ground

Track officials may check any car at any time. If any piece or part is found unsafe car will not be allowed to race until car is brought up to 
safety standards. This will not guarantee your safety.
(A) Drivers must have fire suit free of grease and oil.
(B) Steel roll cage: Must be electric welded and have gussets at all welds and be constructed of no less than 1 1/2 inch .095" wall tubing around driver or any pipes specified below.
- Welded to frame.
- Four upright pipes joined at top with four pieces of pipe or top hoop.
-Uprights must be welded directly to frame and ahead of raised portion for rear wheels. See seat position rule in "BODIES" Line G.
- The bottom of top hoop must be a minimum of 3" above the top of the drivers helmet. - Must have two braces going back to frame.
- There must be three pipes 1 1/2 inches diameter and .095 inches thick minimum on inside of drivers door between front and rear roll bar. .
- A bar from frame to driver's door to protect drivers feet.
(C) SAFETY HARNESS: There must be at least a 4-point stock car safety harness that will pass inspection, fastened to frame or roll cage. Date on belt not to exceed 5 years. Check date when buying.
(D) Safety helmet: Snell 85 minimum required at all times when on track.
(E) Doors not to be cut down.
(F) Windshield must have Lexan or safety glass at all times. No Plexiglass. Must have WINDOW NET in drivers window. .
(G) Cars must have overflow cans for radiator. Overflow hose from overflow can must be mounted on right side of windshield
(H) Bumper to have no sharp edges exposed. Bumpers must be fastened securely to frame.
(I) Drive Shaft: Must have loop front and rear. No aluminums drive shafts. Drive shafts must be painted white.
(J) All cars must have 4 wheel brakes, working. Stock type brake pedal. Absolutely no adjustable proportioning valves. Master cylinder must be under hood in stock location. Stock type aluminums brake drums are allowed. No 4 wheel disc brakes. No drilled rotors. Only one master cylinder is allowed. Cars must be able to drag brakes easily on first attempt.
(K) Batteries installed inside car must have protective covering and be securely fastened down.
(L) Trunks lids and hoods must be securely fastened in place with safety pin retainers.
(M) A securely fastened, quick release fire extinguisher is required within easy reach of the driver. Must have recharge dated no earlier than January 1st of current year.
(N) Every car must have kill switch (shut off) located outside of car on drivers side in front of drivers window opening.
(O) Recommended front rotors for Gm- Us Brake Rotor #9850-6500AE
(P) Scanners are Mandatory

(A) Only north American cars. No station wagons, trucks, convertibles, Camaros, or Firebirds.
(B) Wheel base of 108 inches minimum. All chassis must remain stock length and must be registered on application. No Camaro front frame sections or parts.
(C) After-market kit allowed, Five Star or similar design. Car body must be neat and stock appearing, have all doors, hood, fenders and trunk lid unless car has been damaged at that race meet. Body parts must have 4 inches of ground clearance. Cars may use spoilers, 60 inches wide and 5 inches high, quarter windows and rear windows.
(D) No alterations to body by means of pulled down roofs or windshield posts. No holes cut in hood.
(E) Unitized bodies may be used providing frame sections are joined in stock configuration with material as strong as the frame.
(F) There must be a minimum of 4 inches between frame or ballast and ground. 
(G) Drivers seat must remain in front seat location of body. Must not be below bottom of frame. Must be fastened securely to rear cross bars of roll cage. Fibreglass seats are not permitted.
(H) CAR NUMBERS: Numbers will be assigned by track officials. Numbers must be at least 18 inches high and 3 inches wide, lettered neatly. They should be as large as possible for ease of scoring. They must contrast with body color of car. The car must have numbers on both sides and right side of roof. Scorers will not accept responsibility for incorrect scoring of cars on which numbers are not clear and easily read. A 6 inch high number must be painted on right side of windshield.
(I) Rub Rails no more than 1" past tire.
(J) Roof height 47" minimum, rear 52" maximum, front 45" maximum and nose 21" minimum. Rear deck 36" maximum.
(K) Square tubing or similar material may be used to replace frame starting 4 inches after the rear housing.

(A) Drive train must be stock. Any car rear end by any manufacturer. GM Housings may  reinforced. No Detroit lockers, no aluminums carriers or spool. You are allowed to remove axle gears and spider gears to put in a mini locker which is a piece of pipe to join the two axles. Or axle gears may be welded.
(B) No multi disc clutches. Must have blow proof bell housing or scatter shield around bell housing at least 1/4 inch thick or approved blanket. No high performance  flywheel or aluminums flywheel allowed. Any stock steel flywheel (must weigh minimum 15lbs), stock unmodified pressure plate and 10 inch minimum stock clutch plate.
(C) GEAR RATIO: Maximum gear ratio is 6.30. To find this you multiply the rear end ratio by the transmission ratio in second gear. Example rear end of 3.73 by 1.68= 6.26. You can run less but not more than 6.30. You cannot run 1 to 1 in transmission.
(D) No Automatics

The suspension must be absolutely stock for year and make of chassis. All chassis will be checked and classed legal as to year and make of chassis. For example every late model sportsman car must be running regular, ordinary and unmodified stock passenger car rotors, brakes, spindles, control arms, ball joints, pitman arm, idler arm and steering box. Suspension must not be changed or modified (braced) in any way with the following exceptions:
(A) Spring wedges may be used in coils
(B) Single or multi leaf springs may be used. Lowering blocks may also be used.
(C) Any spring may be changed as long as it is the same style after market or otherwise. All springs must be in stock location and leaf springs must be stock length.
(D) Upper control arm and upper ball joint may be replaced with steel after-market parts of similar dimensions. Upper control arm mount must not be modified.
(E) Upper bushings may be solid
(F) Jacking bolts are optional.
(G) Lengths will be measured on suspension parts rather than exact contour when checking for modifications.
(H) LEAF SPRINGS: Rear frames must remain stock. The front of the spring must bolt into original position with stock bushings. Jacking bolt allowed rear of spring. Spring must be stock length.
(I) Coil springs have to be in original position. Spring pockets may be cut out for longer springs in the rear.
(J) Spindle Savers are Allowed

(A) Stock sway bars in original configuration on frame and original position lower control arm. Spacers or adjustable links may be used on lower control arm. If chassis came with sway bar on rear it may be used in stock location.
(B) Shocks must be stock or stock replacement. One per corner of car mounted outside of control arm. Rear shocks at any angle. Part numbers must be on shock. Only Afco racing shocks of the following numbers may be used: FB1274,FB1275, FB1276, FB1277, FB1278. 
(C) No coil over suspension.
(D) Trailing arms in stock location. Fabricated rear trailing arms Allowed - Must be stock length, Non-adjustable, Stock bushings
(E) Weight distribution will be 55% left side weight. Maximum 45% rear weight on all cars. Cars missing body parts at end of race may have this taken into account. If weight loss or weight distribution seems excessive driver will be asked to supply missing parts and have their car measure up. Otherwise no tolerance will be considered. Bumpers not held on with chains, other mechanical parts, tire wear, tires changed and weights missing, etc. will not be taken into account. Cars must weigh 3000 pounds driver in place in
post race inspection. .
(F) Cars must be equipped with working power steering.

(A) All fuel tanks must be completely enclosed in a steel box, installed in trunk compartment with filler neck inside of trunk on left side. Fuel tank cannot be lower than middle of axle tube. No electric fuel pumps or pressurized fuel tanks.
(B) Must have full steel (not aluminums) fire wall between gas tank and driver. Gas line must be under floor.
(C) Fuel cells must be centered between frame rails.
(D) Pump Gas only.

(A) Steel wheels only, 10 inch wide maximum.
(B) Wheel studs may be exchanged for larger ones.
(C) Tires not allowed to extend beyond body over 2 inches.
(D) Track width will be 68.5 inches front and rear (measured center to center of tires ).
(E) Track tires may be purchased by calling 387-8886.
(F) Wheel base must be within 1" side to side
(G) Tires must be approved Hoosier or Goodyear tires

V-8 (only) Stock engine with cast iron block only. 365 cubic inch maximum. Compression will be taken for tech use. Higher than usual will mean the heads will come off.
(A) Stock heads. Minimum cc. Dodge 68 cc. G.M. 76 cc.
Ford 67.5 cc. & 70.5 cc. depending on pistons used.
No aluminums or high performance heads. No porting or polishing on heads or manifolds.
(B) Pistons will be flat top cast or forged 4 eyebrow. Forged pistons must be in the price range of $50. ea. No light weight or high performance pistons. Pistons cannot come up above block.
(C) No dry sump systems. Oil pan may be after market or enlarged.
(D) Hydraulic cam only.
(E) Valve lift must not exceed the following: Chev. Intake 390 - Exhaust 410
Ford Intake 442 - Exhaust 450 Dodge Intake 410 - Exhaust 410
(F) No solid lifters, anti pump up or Rhodes Lifters. No mushroom lifters roller cams, or rev kits allowed. TRW. lifters with c-clips allowed.
(G) Headers with tubes no larger than 1 5/8 may be used with any reasonable collector.
(H) No stroker kits.
(I) Internal oil pressure and return systems are not tech items.
(J) Only a stock distributor type ignition system of Chev. Ford or Dodge is permitted.
(K) Stock type push rods only. .
(L) If oil filter is removed from its original position it must be remounted in engine compartment.
(M) Harmonic balancer must be right one for engine and not aluminums.
(N) Stock cast iron 2 or 4 barrel intake manifold. No aluminums or marine manifolds. No aluminums water pumps except where stock on Chrysler and Ford.
(O) Two barrel carburetor only no larger than 500 cfm. Not modified except to remove choke assembly. Serial numbers readable. Two return springs compulsory. Tops cannot be cut off. A 1 1/8" thick adapter is permissible. The Gaskets are included in the 1 1/8" measurement. On Chev. you are allowed two stock type gaskets one thin and one thick. (16) Cast iron exhaust manifolds if used are not tech items.
(P) Engine placement measuring from back of block to the center of rear axle housing cannot be less than 84% of wheel base. There must be a full steel firewall between engine and driver.
(Q) An electric fan or fans may be used to cool radiator providing total cooling system is ahead of engine.
(R) Timing gear key or keyway on crank are not tech items.
(S) Cowl induction is permitted and cold air box can also be used to direct air from base of windshield.
(T) Center of crank must be a minimum of 12.5" from the ground.

Radios may be used for communication between driver and crew. Anything not specified in these rules is likely illegal.
Do not do anything you are not prepared to undo.
Track management has the right to suspend any car or driver at any time for just cause.

For information contact: Herman Berry: 1-506-387-8886 email: Herman