River Glade Speedway


CARS: Cars must be four cylinder non turbo-charged front-wheel drive, sedans, hard-tops hatch-back or wagons 1980 or newer. May be two or four doors. Cars may be Chev, Ford, Dodge, or non North American with carburetor or throttle body type aspiration. No rare sports type cars are allowed. Honda and Volkswagen powered cars are not included in Sunday Drivers© but are included in the Warrior class.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Track officials may check any car at any time. If any piece or part is found unsafe car will not be allowed to race until car is brought up to safety standards. This however will not guarantee your safety.
(A) Drivers fire suit free of grease and oil recommended.
(B) There must be at a 4-point stock car type safety harness that will pass inspection, fastened to frame or roll cage.
(C) Safety helmet, Snell 85 minimum required at all times on track.
(D) A minimum of 3 inches clearance is required between top of drive's helmet and roof.
(E) All DOORS must be bolted or welded shut. Doors not to be cut down.
(F) All GLASS except windshield must be removed. Glass must not be broken and left inside of doors. Windshield must have safety glass at all times. No plexi glass, or lexan is allowed, Window net required in driver's window. Window net must be securely fastened inside of door and roof. Contact Atlantic Textiles and Canvas for economically priced window net. No closing in of side windows.
(G) A securely fastened, quick release fire extinguisher is required within easy reach of the driver. Must have recharge dated no earlier than January 1st of current year.
(H) Cars with electric fuel pumps must have shut off switch in front of driver's window.
(I) Cars must have 1/4 steel plate on driver's door running from wheel opening to wheel opening and be at least one foot (12 inches) top to bottom. Plate should be approximately centered at height of bumper. Two-door cars must have eight 3/8" carriage bolts; 2 on each fender, 4 on door. Four-door cars must also have 2 on rear door. Bolts should be as short as possible. Plates may be bent to contour of car or reinforced with reason able pipe with no sharp edges. If pipes are added to door plate they must be welded to plate and have at least 3 bolts through them.
(J) Must have two vertical roll bars 1 5/8" diameter and .095 thick securely fastened to steel plate. Steel plate must be 6 inches by 6 inches and 1/8" thick. Must be a matching plate outside of floor and roof fastened by four 3/8" bolts. (Or floor plate may have twice as many square inches and be welded to floor in cars where design makes it difficult to put plate under floor.) Vertical bars must be close to sides of car and be
joined by 2 horizontal bars of similar material by welding: one as close to roof as possible the other approximately at shoulder height or 3 inches below. Dimensions and thickness of pipe and plates are minimums. More pipes may be added in same area (not ahead or behind other bars). Pipes should not be rusted or threaded. Welds must be sound and continuous around pipes.

(1) It is recommended that a diagonal be added behind driver.
(2) It is recommended that roll bars also be braced to top of frame (square tube running down side of car).
(3) Cars with poor looking welds will not be allowed to race until brought up to standard.

(1) All chrome moldings, ornaments, door handles, glass, headlights, tail lights and plastic components etc. must be removed.
All hood and trunk bracing and hinges must be retained. Cars must be presentable and not have foul language printed on them. Holes such as headlights and taillights must
not be flashed over. .
(2) Sun roofs must be covered with metal same as roof
(3) All the interior upholstery except driver's seat and driver's door upholstery must be removed. Seat may be changed for racing seat.
All inner metal panels must be retained and all holes in fire wall must be covered with steel.
Driver and passenger doors (if there is to be a passenger) must be covered with original cloth or plastic panel or carpet.
(4) Drivers wishing to carry a passenger must provide same safety standards for passengers as driver. Seat belt harness plate on passenger door etc.
(5) Dash, door components, wipers, electric motors and all metal panels must be left intact except shaft for window winders and door latches must be cut off smooth at door panel. Sharp pieces of tin must be bent down smooth not cut and removed.
(6) No alterations to body by means of scoops, spoilers, pulled down roofs or wind shield posts. No holes cut in hood.
(7) Badly rusted cars must not be used and cars heavily damaged in drivers area may not be repaired. Floor must be secure and in good condition or repaired solidly in order to race. Seat must be securely fastened to floor and or cage in order to race.
(8) Cars must have four (4) wheel working BRAKES.
(9) Cars must have four feet of single EXHAUST of 1.5 inches maximum outside diameter. Exhaust must exit from under car away from driver and in front of rear wheels.
(10) SUNDAY DRIVERS© should have brake light in rear window area.
(11) WHEELS must be steel and have same off-set in all four positions and not be modified, reinforced or after market. Wheels must be under fenders. All cars may use 13, 14 or 15 inch tires or a combination of 13" 14" and 15" tires. All wheels must be off front wheel drive cars.
(12) Differential must free wheel easily when jacked under differential and one wheel is turned the other must turn easily in other direction.
(13) ENGINE is not a tech item except that it is a four cylinder, proper engine for car and not turbo charged. Engine must appear stock from outside i.e. one carburetor if that is stock equipment.
(14) DRIVER'S SEAT must remain in front seat location of car.
(15) The SUSPENSION must be absolutely stock for year and make of chassis. All chassis will be checked and classed legal as to year and make of chassis. For example every car must be running regular, ordinary and unmodified stock passenger car rotors, brakes, spindles, control arms, ball joints, pitman arm, idler arm all bolts, springs and steering box or rack and pinion. Suspension must not be changed or modified (braced) in any way. Cars with excessive camber adjustment or torched or cut springs will have to be repaired to race.
(15a) Cars are not allowed to have negative camber on any wheel.
(16) SHOCKS must be stock for. the race car and manufactured for street use.
(17) Fuel tanks may be in stock location or fuel cell enclosed in steel box in trunk area. If fuel cell is in trunk area there must be a full steel fire wall between driver and fuel cell. Also trunk latch must be removed in case fuel cell has to be accessed immediately.
(18) TIRES may be 205 max. for 13", 14" or 15" wheels any profile. Tires must be "Q", "S" or "T" rated only. Tires not rated are usually S rated and can be used if tech staff judge a non rated tire to be an S tire.
(19) CAR NUMBERS: Numbers will be assigned by track officials. Numbers must be at least 18 inches high and 3 inches wide, lettered neatly. They should be as large as possible for ease of scoring. They must contrast with body colour of car. The car must have numbers on both sides and right side of roof. Scorers will not accept responsibility for incorrect scoring of cars on which numbers are not clear and easily read. A 6 inch high number must be painted on right side of windshield.
(20) No talking or listening devices.
(21) No anti-freeze to be used at any time. Except Winter Races.
(22) Radiator may be exchanged for larger one and fans may be added. In general any cooling system in front of engine, under hood and behind grill that is not readily visible and is considered not to be performance enhancing is not considered a tech item.  Cars maybe left at track at car owners risk.

Race will reverse direction at each caution when possible. Race will not stop for rain unless weather becomes uncomfortable for fans.
Sunday Drivers© Season Points will go to car so a car can share more than one driver. Sunday Drivers© may not have more than approximately two years experience in any class at any track at beginning of season. Also may not have won 3 features or 1 points champion ship in any class at any track.

CLAIMER RULE: suspended
RGS Track management has the right to suspend any car or driver at any time for just cause. These rules are designed to make an inexpensive class of car.

The Sunday Drivers© building rules have been researched, developed by and copy righted by River Glade Speedway©.
For information contact: Herman Berry: 1-506-387-8886 email: Herman